Russell Crowe Rants At Airline For Banning Hoverboards

Russell Crowe, the notoriously testy actor who has lashed out against circumcision, the food industry, and, uh, whatever this is, is back at it again, taking issue with Virgin airlines policy banning hoverboards. This may be the most #FirstWorldProblem tweet ever:

Yes, Russell Crowe was so furious with Virgin Airlines that he canceled his flight because they wouldn’t allow hoverboards.

There’s a very long list of things that one cannot check on a plane. Is it necessary to itemize every single one when someone books a ticket, or are passengers supposed to use common sense and not check items that have a reputation for exploding?

I mean, if something is banned from streets and sidewalks because of the danger they pose, most people will logically conclude that an airplane is not the best place for them.

Virgin Airlines, at least, was composed in their reply.

It’s not “rocket surgery,” Russell Crowe:

But let’s not think of Russell Crowe as a multimillionaire actor accustomed to getting everything he wants. Think of him as a father.

It sucks that Russell Crowe couldn’t take his kids’ hoverboard. It would suck even worse if the plane fell out of the sky.