This New Wax Figure Of Ryan Gosling Probably Won’t Be Inspiring Any ‘Hey Girl’ Memes

After pulling back from the spotlight for a bit to focus on his family, Ryan Gosling had one hell of a 2016 (that has spilled over into 2017). Between his starring roles in The Nice Guys and La La Land, Gosling reminded us all why he’s one of the biggest movie stars around and why he’s the OG Internet Boyfriend. Between his Golden Globes win and a nearly guaranteed lock on an Oscar nomination on Tuesday morning, the man is on a roll.

Well, Madam Tussaud’s in Berlin decided to commission a new wax statue of Gosling on Monday, and, well… something is not right.

Getty Image

YIKES. Between the off-puttingly shiny forearms and eyes that are too close together to a distracting agree, it’s safe to say that this version of Baby Goose will not be inspiring any Hey Girl memes. ENHANCE!

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*Shiver* We have officially veered into Uncanny Valley. If only this was a weird way of announcing a sequel to Lars and the Real Girl starring Gosling as a Real Boy. No, it’s just another failed attempt by man to recreate the perfect stubble that can only be a product of the divine. We flew too close to the sun. Those cold, dead eyes are proof.

(H/T GQ)