Is A ‘Deadpool And Cable’ Movie In The Works? Ryan Reynolds Suggests It Might Happen.

Why wait for a movie to come out when you can start salivating about its potential spin-offs and sequels before it even comes to your local cinema? Deadpool hits theaters next month (offer not valid in China) and lovable scamp Ryan Reynolds is giving fans of Marvel’s most delightfully deranged antihero hope that Cable might join him in a future film.

This tantalizing prospect was addressed when Reynolds was in attendance at last night’s fan event held for the movie in New York City. The Two Guys, a Girl & a Pizza Place star fielded some fan questions and as is the case at these types of things attracted some excited yelling. reports that one fan shouted “SEQUEL!” and another followed that with “CABLE AND DEADPOOL!” Based on Reynolds’ response, it sounds like the combo of Cable and Deadpool on the big screen could be more than a Marvel fan’s wet dream.

“Your lips to God’s ears, my friend,” he said directly to the Cable and Deadpool fan. “Believe me, that’s being talked about.” He gave a smile, a nod, and raised his eyebrows as if to emphasize the point.

Deadpool director Tim Miller has previously noted that fans would be pissed if Cable didn’t show up in a second Deadpool film, so maybe it’s inevitable we’ll see that combination in all its cinematic glory. (Cautious optimism and all that.) That said, there’s one character you shouldn’t hold out hope to see in a Deadpool motion picture. Both Miller and Reynolds expressed a want to get Taskmaster included in the budding film franchise, but the movie rights to the character were too costly to snap up.

Deadpool is set to unleash his particular brand of mayhem in theaters on February 12. Need a primer on who the hell this gun-toting costumed comic book weirdo is? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.


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