Ryan Reynolds Dove Into Instagram With A New ‘Deadpool’ Photo

Throughout much of the Deadpool shoot in Vancouver, Wade Wilson himself (Ryan Reynolds) has made two things very clear:

  1. Deadpool is the ultimate slicing, dicing and chimichanga-eating machine.
  2. The capital city of British Columbia, Canada is the place to be.

Just about every bit of press or social media Reynolds has participated in has emphasized both points, and his entry into the world of Instagram is no different. The actor launched the new account with the hometown-hero handle @vancityreynolds on Monday afternoon. His first photo? Deadpool, of course:

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Stuck the landing. With my mouth.

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As Reynolds playfully remarks in the post: Stuck the landing. With my mouth. Considering his hyper-Canadian sense of oh-it-doesn’t-hurt-so-bad, the stunt in question must have been really fun to watch. I’m sure it will look even better on the big screen.

(Via Ryan Reynolds)