An Entire Town Is Mad At Sacha Baron Cohen For Using So Many ‘Fat Ladies’ In His Latest Movie

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Sacha Baron Cohen is a master at causing a stir with his movies. Just look at his IMDB page, and you’re likely to recall several issues with each of them. Which is why it should come as no surprise that his latest project, the soccer flick Grimsby, depicting “revolting” 300+ pound female fans has upset parliament member Austin Mitchell, who believes Sacha is depicting the real town of Grimsby in an unfair manner.

“I know it’s a joke but I haven’t seen these fat ladies anywhere. If they were so fat they wouldn’t fit through the turnstiles at the stadium.”

In light of the tragic terrorist attacks on Charlie Hebdo in France over free speech issues, it should be noted that Cohen has every right to make bold statements through his comedy. And if anything, Parliament reacting this way to Grimsby is proof that he’s probably doing his job perfectly.

Source: TMZ