Sam Richardson Loved Seeing His ‘Veep’ Co-Star Julia Louis-Dreyfus Show Up In The Marvel Cinematic Universe

It’s been a big summer for Sam Richardson, with a new season of I Think You Should Leave on the horizon that seems sure to include the man who made Baby Of The Year shine so brightly in Season One. Then there’s a pair of movies he stars in, with The Tomorrow War on Amazon and Werewolves Within in theaters. Still, all that personal excitement doesn’t mean he can’t also be thrilled for his friends when they show up in some of his favorite projects. Which is why his reaction to Julia Louis-Dreyfus appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe is extremely charming.

Richardson spoke to the New York Times about his busy summer and the injuries that mounted while training for The Tomorrow War, which included knee surgery and some work with a “super doctor” after a number of issues piled up. He’s all better now, though, but in the interview he discussed how big a Marvel fan he was with a story about him on his feet cheering for Avengers: Endgame while still recovering on crutches.

I’m a huge MCU guy. When I got my knee surgery, that night was the premiere of “Avengers: Endgame” and I was like, “Well, I’ve got to go,” so I went to the movie with crutches and on Vicodin, and I was on my feet, jumping on my bandaged, recently cut-into knee.

That story prefaced his reaction to Veep co-star Louis-Dreyfus appearing in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with an enigmatic role in The Falcon And The Winter Soldier. Given his excitement for anything Marvel, Richardson fittingly described his shock to suddenly see his friend on screen in a major role after working very hard to avoid spoilers and not knowing she had snagged a role.

I care about the MCU so greatly, so after avoiding spoilers and seeing Julia pop up on that screen, I was like, “This is just for me!” I truly lost my breath, I was so excited. I texted her: “Oh, Julia. I can’t believe this.” She was like, “Yeah, it was hard to keep that a secret for so long.”

Richardson also shared a funny story about a conversation he had with Marvel years ago when he expressed his admiration for the Falcon character, where he said many thought he was trying to suggest he steal Anthony Mackie’s job. He said that wasn’t the case, but considering the scuttlebutt about him potentially playing Beast from the X-Men Universe, perhaps Richardson can join his friend as a member of the MCU in due time.

[via NY Times]