Samuel L. Jackson Doesn’t Have Much Love For ‘Manchester By The Sea’ And Other ‘Oscar Bait’

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Every year of movie releases is typically the same, with the current period usually being reserved for those films in contention for awards. They fill year-end best of lists, typically rule the awards nominations and overshadow films that were released earlier in the year. If it’s released before October, you’re usually not going to see it on a nomination list. It’s not always the case, but it’s a pretty good bet.

And that’s not to say those movies released now aren’t good, part of the point is that they are good. But then again, you have a lot of films that seem to be finding release just because they are made for this season, the “Oscar Bait.” Samuel L. Jackson has a problem with that last part, voicing his complaints during an acceptance for a lifetime achievement award at the Dubai International Film Festival. Jackson took shots at the politics of Hollywood, the nature of “Oscar Bait,” and even singled out a few movies for falling into that category according to The Wrap:

“The politics of what happens during this time of year is very interesting in Hollywood,” he said. “The movies they choose to say are amazing and great, you know — ‘Manchester by the Sea,’ oh my god, you must see it, it’s an amazing film!’ But, ehh, I guess it is — to somebody…

“It’s not an inclusive film, you know what I mean?” Jackson continued. “And I’m sure that ‘Moonlight’ will be thought of the same way. They’ll say, ‘Well, that’s a black movie. Where are the white people?’ We’ll say the same thing about ‘Manchester by the Sea.’”

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