Sarah Michelle Gellar Recovers Gracefully After Confusing Boy George For George Michael In A Tribute

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12.26.16 8 Comments

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Following the shocking Christmas news of George Michael’s death, many took to Twitter to mourn the loss. In the immediate aftermath of these events, important details tend to slip into the ether. This would include the time when Wolf Blitzer memorialized Prince with an on-air gaffe for the ages. It happens, although the blunders will always be embarrassing.

Sarah Michelle Gellar made her own mistake on Twitter by tweeting about Boy George after the news of Michael’s death. According to Just Jared, she typed, “Do you really want to hurt me? I guess you do 2016 #ripboygeorge.”

Naturally, folks piled on to correct Gellar, who deleted her tweet and posted a trio of explanatory replacements. She tweeted that she’d misheard which 1980s pop icon had passed away and thanked those who corrected her. Gellar emphasized that she was equally sad to hear that Michael had passed, “And for the record yes I completely know the difference between Boy George and George Michael.”

Gellar added that she rarely comments “on public matters” for this reason, so she probably won’t be doing so again anytime soon: “Lesson learned.”

As for Boy George, he expressed condolences after his friend’s death:

“I am thinking of @GeorgeMichael’s family, friends and fans right now. He was so loved and I hope he knew it because the sadness today is beyond words. Devastating. What a beautiful voice he had and his music will live on as a testament to his talent. I can’t believe he is gone. I hope the Buddha will hold him in his arms.”

(Via Just Jared, Boy George on Twitter & Sarah Michelle Gellar on Twitter)

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