Sarah Silverman Talks About Her Bad Judgement For Passing On ‘Bridesmaids’ And ‘Mad Men’

It’s got to be tough for an actor, never knowing which projects that come across your desk are going to take off and which ones are going to tank. You’ve got to assume most actors carry around more than a little regret due to passed-over roles, whether it be out of personal preference or professional obligation. Sarah Silverman knows this all too well, as she explained to Andy Cohen on Watch What Happens Live on Thursday night.

As you may already be aware, Silverman told Jon Hamm to pound sand when he told her about this super cool new show he was working on with AMC, but as it turns out, Silverman also got a script for Bridesmaids, which she immediately wrote off because of the name.

Silverman is careful to explain that she didn’t pass on the actual roles in Mad Men or Bridesmaids, but turned down the opportunity to even audition. So, even had she auditioned, it wasn’t a guarantee she would have gotten either part. Still, it’s understandable why Silverman calls herself an “idiot and an a-hole” for not even trying.

In another clip, Silverman takes a caller’s question about her most regrettable joke. Spoiler alert: It involves out-of-context black face.

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