‘Sausage Party’ Has An Even Weirder Alternate Ending

Sausage Party is an unapologetically weird movie. Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s computer-animated comedy is about a bunch of foods (and a douche named Douche) that swear, sing, and have disgusting sex with each other, yes, but the film also tackles themes of religious intolerance, questioning whether there’s life after death, and facing your fears. No wonder Sony is hoping, however unlikely, for some Academy Awards love.

But it could have even been weirder.

The theatrical version ends with the foods, including Rogen’s Frank (a sausage), Kristen Wiig’s Brenda (a bun), Edward Norton’s Sammy Bagel Jr. (a bagel), and David Krumholtz’s Kareem Abdul Lavash (a lavash), learning that they’re not real; they’re actually characters voiced by human celebrities. The horror. So they travel through Gum’s portal to meet their makers, so to speak. In the alternate ending, which was released online through iTunes Movies, the characters head through the Stargate and confront themselves (woah) in Hollywood. But it was cut because, according to co-director Conrad Vernon, “We weren’t getting the bang for our buck.”

You can watch it below, though, especially if you like slow-motion footage of Seth Rogen chowing down on a sausage. Is there an Oscars category for that?