The Food Fights Back In The New ‘Sausage Party’ Red Band Trailer

Toy Story is a family-friendly movie about the adventures your anthropomorphic playthings go on when you’re not around. The Secret Life of Pets has the same basic premise, except with animals. Then there’s Sausage Party, which answers the question that’s plagued mankind for generations: If a sausage and a bun touch tips in a grocery store and no one is around to see it, does that count as — to use Sausage Party‘s favorite word — f*cking?

The new trailer for Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg’s decidedly not family-friendly comedy (especially if you’re in the theater to see Finding Dory) showcases two things: 1) The romance between Rogen’s sausage and Kristen Wiig’s bun, and 2) How Rogen and Goldberg stretched a one-joke premise (talking meats and vegetables!) into a feature-length movie. There’s a lot more action in this trailer, including the food fighting back against the oppressively hungry humans, with the exception of a very confused stoner. Here’s another head-scratcher for you: If a slice of pizza started threatening and crawling towards you, would you still go to Di Fara’s? The answer is, of course, yes, and I’d also eat the Moon if it were made of barbecue spare ribs.

Anyway, Sausage Party, the most thought-provoking movie of the year, comes out August 12.

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