Scarlett Johansson Will Star In ‘Ghost In The Shell’. Yes Please.

Margot Robbie was briefly in talks to star in DreamWorks’ live-action adaptation of Ghost In The Shell, but with her now playing Harley Quinn in Suicide Squad, DreamWorks reportedly offered Scarlett Johansson $10 million to take the role. Now Variety reports Johansson has accepted the offer, because after Lucy made $394 million worldwide, this is just a no-brainer. Johansson in an action movie with international appeal? Yeah, throw some money at that.

Johansson will probably be playing an Americanized version of Motoko Kusanagi, an agent who is tracking “the Puppeteer”, a hacker who takes control of peoples’ cybernetic brain implants in a future where many people are only a brain housed inside a cybernetic body, hence the title Ghost In The Shell.

Also, Kusanagi runs around nearly naked through the whole manga, so hopefully they can figure out how to make that work without being NC-17. I mean, she says she has an “okay” body, but the MPAA is no fun about these matters.