Scarlett Johansson Is Officially The Highest-Grossing Actress Of All Time

The nine highest-grossing movie stars of all time are all men. This, sadly, shouldn’t be much of a surprise. But it’s still a little shocking to see that Michael Caine’s films have earned more than, say, literally any female that’s ever existed. At least there’s one woman in the top-10: Scarlett Johansson, who Box Office Mojo recently crowned the highest-grossing actress ever. Her 31 movies have pulled in over $3.3 billion (that’s a solid average of $90 million per film), placing her between Caine and Gary Oldman. The only other actress who comes close to ScarJo is Cameron Diaz at #19 with $3 billion.

As you can probably tell, the most profitable actors list is dominated by those lucky enough to appear in franchises like Stars Wars, any Marvel movie, Harry Potter, or, in Diaz’s case, Shrek. That explains why Stellan Skarsgard (two Avengers, two Thors, two Pirates of the Caribbeans) is at #14, and Anthony Daniels at #15. As for Johansson, her box office number is inflated by The Avengers and Age of Ultron, followed by Captain America: Civil War, The Jungle Book, and Iron Man 2. In last place? A Love Song for Bobby Long ($164,308).

Imagine how much higher Johansson will rank when the Black Widow movie is probably, hopefully, finally made. Look out, Michael Caine.

(Via Box Office Mojo)