Scarlett Johansson May Put On The White Swimsuit For ‘Creature From The Black Lagoon’

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Universal is currently in the middle of remaking its classic monster movies as a shared universe, and they’re looking to bring back the Creature from The Black Lagoon. Of course, you can’t usually put a celebrity in a rubber suit, so they need a little star power, which is where Scarlett Johansson comes in.

According to Tracking Board, she’s Universal’s top choice for the female lead of the movie. Of course, it’s not a movie with the Gill Man unless you’ve got a woman in a white swimsuit running around, but one hopes there’s a bit more to the role this time around.

As for actually landing Scarlett, Universal may want her for the job, but that doesn’t mean she’ll take it. In recent years, she’s either taken movies where she can be an action lead like Lucy or the upcoming Ghost In The Shell or smaller movies where she can work with prominent filmmakers, like next year’s Hail, Caesar! from the Coen Brothers.

That said, the script’s going to have to start entirely from scratch to even make sense, so Universal might really be asking her to get in the monster suit for all we know. Hey, we’d go see it. If nothing else, it has the novelty of not having been tried.