Scarlett Johansson Is Just Fine With Your Complaints About Marvel Sexism

Entertainment Editor
12.05.15 5 Comments

Entertainment Weekly continues to release more details about Captain America: Civil War from their issue on newsstands today. We’ve already seen more about Spider-Man and Black Panther‘s roles, a new Black Panther cover, and a description of a tense scene between former friends. EW‘s newest article — an interview with Scarlett Johansson — also describes a scene from the film, and EW also delves into people’s many complaints about how Black Widow has been handled in the MCU. (That many hyperlinks means a lot of angry Tweets, y’all.)

As for the complaints that Black Widow’s depiction has been too-sidelined or that the way she talked about her own sterilization could have been handled better, Johansson doesn’t mind the complaints, pointing out that the alternative could have been people not caring about her character at all. And she reminds us that the important thing is that she always strategizes her way to victory in the end:

“The character is so beloved. You can only hope that people are going have opinions about it, you know? She somehow ends up always on top, even if you’re not always in agreement with how she gets there.” (Via)

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