Sean Astin Says The ‘Goonies 2’ Filmmakers ‘Can’t Figure It Out’

During his appearance on PoliticKing with Larry King last week, King asked Goonies and Lord of the Rings actor Sean Astin point blank about the long-rumored sequel. (Seriously, Vince wrote about Astin discussing the project back in 2007.) So is it actually going to happen, or have the past eight years been a complete waste of fandom’s time?

According to Astin, everyone involved (though he doesn’t name names) wants to do it, but they’re having a little trouble.

King: Hear you’re going to make another Goonies.

Astin: They want to!

King: Do they?

Astin: Yeah, they’re trying. They can’t figure it out.

When probed further by King, Astin goes on to explain how “special” the first film was, how wonderful of a film it was to make with everyone involved, and commends Richard Donner and Steven Spielberg’s work on the film. That being said, Astin laments modern cinema’s quality of filmmaking — suggesting that perhaps today’s standards (or lack thereof) are making a Goonies sequel more difficult to undertake.

Then again, he also trashes the film’s many mistakes, though he does so with heartfelt nostalgia. So basically, those responsible for the “making” of Goonies 2 are hard at work, but they don’t really know what they’re doing or how to do it.

At least with today’s big movie budgets and special effects, they won’t have to resort to merely telling the story of Chunk’s puking prank.

(PoliticKING with Larry King via Moviefone)