‘The Secret Life Of Pets’ Undergoes The ‘Honest Trailers’ Treatment

In the summer of 2016, cinemagoers were presented with a gritty unflinching exposé of modern urban living. That motion picture’s name? The Secret Life of Pets. The film, which raked in over $870 million worldwide, is now the subject of its own Honest Trailers entry. Take that, closely guarded pet secrets!

Those familiar with the series know the drill. Reasonable criticism, playful ribbing and bouts of internet snarkiness help illustrate what The Secret Life of Pets brings to table. Based on the portrait Honest Trailers paints, this animated creation leans hard on poop and violence. Not exactly an unheard of game plan in terms of kids fare, but there does seem to be a lot of it.

“Enjoy the exact same premise as Toy Story…” offers our narrator. “Without all the toys or heart or humor or story structure in this disposable kids flick that will make you hate Pixar for giving us all unreasonable expectations when we watch a movie made for six-year-olds.”

As is customary with these sorts of things, fans of The Secret Life of Pets can still enjoy a laugh while the movie gets sufficiently roasted.

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(Via Screen Junkies)