Watch Emma Stone And The Rest Of This Year’s Oscar Nominees In Their Earliest Roles

Awards season is upon us, and the ultimate ceremony aims to replenish the starving egos of Hollywood with more than just contractual privileges and two-story trailers. These actors want gold, and if they do not attain it, they have no qualms staring into the audience cam to flash a wide-eyed face awash with disapproval. As fun as it is to see actors reach the pinnacle of their profession on live TV, it’s just as fun to revisit the early rungs of their career trajectory, be it D-grade horror films or TV shows that were bound to fail in the first season. Some are luckier, like Emma Stone, who started off on Lucky Louie, an HBO show that was a miss, but still an HBO show.

So, check out the video above (the look back at Robert Duvall is worth the price of admission) and gasp in horror or delight as we see today’s stars in yesteryear’s productions because we all have to start somewhere.

via Flavorwire