Here’s Your Chance To See What A DC Vs. Marvel Movie Would Look Like

Long ago, Marvel and DC united to put out amalgam comic books where their two competing universes battle danced with each other, and it was … a thing that happened. But despite the Patton Oswaltian wishes of fans the world over, this will never ever happen on film. We can’t even get Fox and Marvel or Marvel and Sony to have film babies together, how are we going to get Marvel to make sweet boardroom love to DC?

Fortunately, one YouTuber with a mission has come through for us all by creating his own amalgamation of the Marvel Movie Universe and the DC Cinematic Realm — join me on my quest to make that label a thing — in the form of a mashup trailer and it’s extra action-y.

Seriously, this is all battle-scenes, and that’s neat, but I want to know about the story. Why is Rocket Raccoon shooting at Adrianne Palicki’s Wonder Woman? Did he see the David E. Kelly pilot on YouTube?

Besides superficial symmetry, why pit Nick Fury and his one good eye against an eye-patch wearing Slade Wilson? How about sneaking in Kevin Durand’s Legion character? What’s that all about? Can Blob fly now? I have so many questions and like $28. Let’s crowdfund this movie and dance in the fountain of glory for six minutes until the campaign gets shut down. Or not. Yeah, lets not do that.

Source: YouTube via CBM