Ever Wonder How Movie Psychos Make Their ‘Crazy Walls?’ Here’s Your Answer

Being a serial killer or a psychopathic stalker’s got to be hard work. In between chasing victims and leaving clues for the police, there’s almost no time to put together a very creepy wall of photos and/or handwritten notes with symbols all over them for the detectives to find later. So where do all your favorite characters from Criminal Minds get their appropriately creepy decor? The answer’s a little less magical than you might think. (That was a test: If you think serial killers are “magical,” we need to have a serious talk very, very soon.)

I will tell you this, though: If Palumbo and Sons ever went into business in real life (this is, thankfully, a sketch created by Faster Human) they’d be making money hand over fist. Mainly because serial killers always seem to have enough money to build elaborate mazes and torture chambers in the movies, so they’ve got money to burn. Wait, where do they get all that money?

(Via Funny Or Die)