Seth Rogen Says He Isn’t Into Marvel Movies Because He’s An ‘Adult With No Kids’

It’s impossible not to have an opinion about Marvel movies, and Seth Rogen may have the most nuanced one yet. It also may be exclusive to Rogen, who told Total Film that “without Marvel, The Boys wouldn’t exist or be interesting” but that he also isn’t into watching Marvel’s prodigious output because they aren’t aimed at him.

“I think that Kevin Feige is a brilliant guy, and I think a lot of the filmmakers he’s hired to make these movies are great filmmakers,” Rogen said. “But as someone who doesn’t have children… It is [all] kind of geared toward kids, you know? There are times where I will forget. I’ll watch one of these things, as an adult with no kids, and be like, ‘Oh, this is just not for me.’”

It’s just not for you? What kind of fighting words are those? Measured ones?

Rogen’s take is informed not only by his work on The Boys, but also a longer history of alternative and adult comic book adaptations like Preacher and Invincible. His bona fides are intact.

“The situation, sadly, is that we now have two separate fields: There’s worldwide audiovisual entertainment, and there’s cinema,” Rogen continued. “They still overlap from time to time, but that’s becoming increasingly rare. And I fear that the financial dominance of one is being used to marginalize and even belittle the existence of the other.”

It’s definitely still a nuanced take, but it’s difficult to imagine a harsher takedown than calling these blockbuster films “worldwide audiovisual entertainment.” There’s cartoon noise for kids, and then there’s art.

There’s a joke here about counting one more for the Scorsese Camp, but this isn’t really a competition, and everyone should feel free to like what they like or, like Rogen, admit that something just isn’t for you and move along to something that might be.

(via Total Film)