Seth Rogen Took To Twitter To Explain His Controversial ‘American Sniper’ Comments

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In a followup to yesterday’s story about Seth Rogen’s comments about American Sniper — namely how the movie reminded him of the fake Nazi propaganda film in Quentin Tarantino’s Inglorious Basterds, which was also about a sniper — the actor is trying to explain his comments that were included in several roundups about the very mixed response to Clint Eastwood’s war drama. Basically, he’s telling us all to chill out over this because he never actually compared American Sniper to Nazi propaganda, not even fake propaganda:

And maybe it was a slow news day:

I regret nothing. I like Seth Rogen, but I also like pointing out crazy behavior on Twitter, especially when it applied to getting all worked up over nothing. They’re like the mysterious plastic baby of the internet — I can’t look at them without wondering and giggling. “Hahahahahaha, but seriously what’s going on here???

Speaking of that, Sarah Palin is talking again…

Source: AV Club