Seth Rogen Explains His Security-Filled Life After Releasing ‘The Interview’

Being a funny person has never been an easy job. It might look rather cut and dry to the outside world, but especially in our age of increased awareness and an ever-connected world, being funny and being a public figure can be dangerous. Regardless of the content, chances are that someone, somewhere will be offended by a joke and will stew over with rage, looking for an outlet for that anger. Especially strange dictators. Especially.

According to Seth Rogen, his life while making and releasing The Interview got pretty weird. They had intended to simply create something that was poignant and funny, but instead ended up with one of the most controversial commercial films of recent memory. The film, which starred Rogen and longtime pal James Franco, involved in a plot to interview and kill North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un. If that plot sounds absolutely ridiculous, well, it was, but that was also kind of the point. Yet they still needed personal security to ensure that assassins from North Korea didn’t try to take them out.

During a recent appearance on the Graham Norton Show, Seth Rogen explained how the studio had been providing a few of the filmmakers with security and how he had gotten used to it, until one day they were simply gone. The studio had decided to stop paying for the security and Rogen found himself curious as to if he was actually safe, or if they just stopped caring. It turns out almost starting a war just by making a few jokes in a movie is pretty serious business.