Seth Rogen Wants Fans To Come Get High With Him In Colorado And Watch ‘The Interview’

This legal marijuana thing just keeps paying off for Colorado. Now they’ve got Seth Rogen planning screenings of The Interview where the audience can get high alongside him during the movie. Cheech and Chong would’ve killed for this back in their heyday. They had to rely on doing it the old fashioned way: doing it before you showed up or sneaking off to the bathroom.

It would seem that this isn’t going to be a regular showing at just any movie theater, mainly because that would be against the law. Change it to a private screening for invited “guests” and you could probably go hog wild.

I don’t know why theaters haven’t tried to do this more often. They already make most of their first week profits on concessions. Throw in weed and you’ll have people buying up popcorn faster than they can pop it.

(Via Variety)