‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ Hayley Atwell Was Stuck In An Airport Lounge Showing ‘Captain America’

04.27.15 3 years ago 32 Comments
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She’s fought Nazis, HYDRA, and misogyny as Peggy Carter, and now Hayley Atwell is battling her toughest foe yet: Sandra Bullock.

The Blind Side star was recently named People‘s World’s Most Beautiful Woman, which is not to be confused with Sexiest Woman Alive, the honor recently attached to Atwell — who’s definitely in Avengers: Age of Ultron and might get an entire movie to herself — by Movie Fan Central. I’d go with Agent Carter; not everyone can rock a mustache as well as she does.

Meanwhile, Atwell was in Chicago this weekend for the Comic & Entertainment Expo, and on her way back home, she was stuck in an airport lounge where Captain America was playing. (Arguably the second best airport Marvel movie, after Iron Man. Winter Solider and The Avengers are too good, and The Dark World is boring, even by waiting for a plane standards.)

She briefly live-tweeted the experience of watching people watch herself on TV.






Also, this happened:


How Agent Carter met (and started dating) Ted Mosby’s daughter.

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