Shia ‘Just Do It’ LaBeouf Was Hospitalized For Putting His Head Through A Window On A Film Set

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The Internet has had some time to ponder Shia LaBeouf’s viral words of wisdom. Rampant gesturing aside, his green screen-adorned motivational speech amounted to nothing more than the actor repeatedly shouting “Just do it!” Sounds like LaBeouf took his own advice a little too seriously, because according to Variety, he was hospitalized after slamming his head through a window on the set of his latest film, American Honey.

Reports indicate that this was actually supposed to happen. That is, a scene called for LaBeouf’s character to put his head through a piece of glass. However, a “mishap” occurred, causing the actor to cut his head and hand. I mean, the report calls it a “mishap,” but since he was intentionally putting his head through glass, I’m sure we could come up with a few other words.

The producers of American Honey released a statement about LaBeouf’s hospitalization after the news first broke:

Shia LaBeouf sustained minimal injuries late last night on the set of his current film, American Honey. As protocol, production sought out medical attention, and Shia received stitches on his hand and for a laceration on his head. He is due back on set tomorrow.

All kidding aside, I’m sure the film’s story required LaBeouf’s character to do this for some very important reason during the scene in question. However, after C-Tates‘ own Oscar-snubbed performance in Foxcatcher, there’s probably no one who will ever smash there head into glass better.

(Via Variety)