Republicans Are For, And Democrats Are Against, Bombing The City From ‘Aladdin’

It’s often said that Americans have, at best, a dim awareness of what’s going on outside their borders. So, Public Policy Polling decided to put that to the test, by asking Republicans and Democrats if they were for or against bombing Agrabah. That would be the city Disney classic Aladdin is set in, which is, in case you hadn’t guessed, utterly fictional.

That didn’t, however, stop both sides of the aisle from having an opinion! Burying the question amid a collection of more serious ones about social issues and Presidential candidates, PPP found that 30% of Republicans were for bombing Agrabah, while 57% were thankfully not sure, which we’ll hope was the “Wait, that’s not a real city” response. Democrats, however, shouldn’t be too smug, because 36% of them were against bombing Agrabah. Oh, and if you were wondering where Trump will fall on the issue:

On one level, it’s kinda sad that American primary voters have this small of an understanding of what’s going on in the world. On another, we’re kind of curious to see what some of the, uh, less attentive candidates might do with this information. And we hope PPP keeps this up, or at the very least bothers to ask their respondents about the updog issue.

(via Public Policy Polling)