Showtime Adds An ’80s Movie Gigolo To Its Lineup With Neil LaBute And Jerry Bruckheimer In Tow

Recycling: A tolerable environmentally minded activity that doubles as the entertainment industry’s busiest idea source. Do you have a spare Lethal Weapon cluttering up your garage? TV will gladly take it off your hands. Confused with where to plunk your memories of Varsity Blues? The small screen’s got your back. The latest entry in our current Golden Age of revamps, reboots and rebranding? An ’80s cinema classic that was Richard Gere’s sexual calling card until a certain rumor derailed things.

American Gigolo is getting a premium cable makeover according to The Hollywood Reporter. The 1980 Paul Schrader film was previously reported to be TV-bound in 2014 with Jerry Bruckheimer guiding the project, although that path obviously was not the fast track. “With its signature noir aesthetic, American Gigolo has remained a deeply entertaining, psychological thriller,” said Bruckheimer during the original TV adaptation announcement.

Currently earmarked for Showtime, Bruckheimer still serves as an executive producer for American Gigolo with perpetually divisive writer/director Neil LaBute penning the script. The series will keep the male gigolo focus of its source material, but also update the setting to the modern day. If the setting is updated to the future (hello, Gigolo Joe!), we won’t have too much of a moan. That said, if Paramount and/or Showtime could make an effort to get Giorgio Moroder aboard this project too, that’d be swell.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)