J.K. Simmons Says He’d ‘Absolutely’ Play J. Jonah Jameson In Another ‘Spider-Man’ Movie

Because the thought of J.K. Simmons playing Peter Parker’s be-flat-topped boss J. Jonah Jameson in another Spider-Man movie feels too good to be true, I’ll start this post with a caveat: As far we know right now, there is not officially another Spider-Man movie in the works. There are only rumors. That said, Simmons has been making the pre-Oscar rounds — he’s nominated for his role in Whiplash — and recently made a stop at The Howard Stern Show, telling Stern that he wouldn’t be against returning to one of his most famous roles. Here is a time-stamped embed of the interview, which starts at the very end when Stern brings up Spider-Man:

You probably see why I said not to get too excited — yet. Here is the entirety of the Spidey discussion:

Stern: And, of course, one of the most sacred films and best films ever made, Spider-Man!

Quivers: Well, there were three of those.

Stern: Hey, we doing another one or what?

Simmons: I just heard that we… that’s a possibility.

Stern: Would you do it?

Simmons: Absolutely.

And that is, literally, it. There aren’t that many tea leaves to read here, but if there was a way to work around the whole “reboot universe” business to get Simmons in there… I’m sure he could play Jameson exactly like his character in Whiplash and fit into the Amazing universe very nicely.

Source: /Film