Simon Pegg Talks ‘Star Trek 3’ And Idris Elba

Sometimes, you wish entertainment journalists would just skip to the good parts of the interview. Fortunately, that’s what YouTube’s for; here’s Simon Pegg talking for a few minutes about Star Trek 3, the script he’s writing and Idris Elba.

For fans of canceling the apocalypse, the most interesting part is that Elba is not getting stuck with Harry Mudd or whatever. Pegg says Elba is getting an entirely new character, noting that you probably don’t run into the same five people when your job is to explore the universe. Which may still be him misleading us, but at least he’s putting more effort into it. He also talks a bit about the scale of the movie (huge) and how he’s getting it written.

Oh, and at the beginning, he talks about Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Pegg has apparently seen a fair chunk of it, and he gives it his seal of approval. So, you know, everybody’s got an OG franchise to get psyched for.

(Source: The Mary Sue)