Six Actors You May Have Forgotten Were In ‘Back To The Future Part II’

The other day when I was watching Back to the Future Part II to prepare for our look at what the main cast and the filmmakers have been up to, I was kind of surprised that I had forgotten about all of the cameos and notable debuts on display in the film.

Personally, I love to see an actor taking their first steps out of the primordial ooze and onto the big screen just as much as I love a good cameo, so in honor of those small but vital performances, here’s a look at six notable actors that you may have forgotten were in Back to the Future Part II.

Whitey (Jason Scott Lee) 

In Back to the Future, Thomas F. Wilson delivered a nice performance as the kind of unrelenting, over-confident, and hollow bully that lives within all of our nightmares as Biff Tannen. In Back to the Future Part II, though, Wilson played Biff’s grandson, Griff, like a cartoon character.

Because of this amped up performance, once could easily forget about the members of Griff’s crew that hung out in Wilson’s shadow, but that’s not to say that they didn’t at least try to keep pace. The best example of that occurs during Jason Scott Lee’s big moment when he advises Marty McFly on the one thing that he needs to run a hoverboard: power.

Following his moment in the sun as Whitey in Back to the Future Part II, Lee continued to work his way up the ladder before nabbing the role of Bruce Lee in Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story. A starring role as Mowgli in Disney’s live-action Jungle Book adaptation followed, but soon the good material started to dry up. Things have started to look up for Scott lately, though. He’s got, what seems like, a pretty major role in the Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon Netflix original film and he’s appearing opposite Jeff Bridges and Kit Harrington from Game of Thrones in Seventh Son.

Match (Billy Zane)

As one of Biff’s boys, Billy Zane had the somewhat unique opportunity to be in both the first and second Back to the Future film, aging up beside Wilson to portray Match in his middle years when he was rocking a cowboy hat in part II.