Could This Skrillex And Rick Ross Track Be The Theme Song For ‘Suicide Squad’?

There’s still several months until the release of DC Comics superhero film Suicide Squad, but we’re still getting offered just enough information surrounding the movie to keep us curious and satisfied (such as Jared Leto comparing his role as The Joker to Hamlet). And now, we may very well know something else about the movie: what its theme song is.

Skrillex performed at Wav Nightclub in Atlantic City this past Saturday, and dropped a collaborative track with Rick Ross where the rapper utters the phrase “suicide squad” a couple of times throughout. He also mentions a “purple Lamborghini” which may be in reference to the type of car The Joker has in the movie. Reddit users have been going through the track to see what other hints they may find, and some have said that they heard Ross say “this is Gotham City” at one point, as well as a reference to Suicide Squad member Killer Croc.

This wouldn’t be the first time Skrillex lent his musical talents to a movie: after all, he did compose original music for Disney’s Wreck-It-Ralph and Harmony Korine’s Spring Breakers. Now, let’s see if Common contributed anything to the soundtrack (since he’s now a part of the film as a villain no one has ever heard of).

(Via Stereogum)