‘SNL’s’ Kyle Mooney Meets Kids TV Whimsy In The ‘Brigsby Bear’ Teaser

Kyle Mooney is shaken from and summoned back to the spell of nostalgic kids TV in the newly arrived (and appropriately surreal) teaser trailer for his upcoming dramedy Brigsby Bear. It all looks a bit like Teddy Ruxpin in a hurricane of madness and/or drugs and that’s not a knock in the slightest.

Premiering at Sundance earlier this year to pretty darn positive reviews, the film features the SNL star playing a man who’s discovered that the children’s television program he grew up with was made solely for him. Mooney co-wrote the film with his fellow Good Neighbor member Nick Rutherford and is directed by troupemate Dave McCary. The cast isn’t shabby either with a tidy combo of Mark Hamill, Claire Danes, Greg Kinnear and Beck Bennett all providing their talents and quite possibly interacting with the titular bear. The 96-second promo is rich with odd whimsy which means your mileage may vary.

Mooney mentioned to us back in January that it was strange to receive such an enthusiastic reaction to the movie when it premiered.

“It was a truly bizarre experience,’ said the Bruce Chandling channeller. “Going in there with just, obviously, general nervousness – because we’ve made this thing and we want to show it to people. But then there’s a whole meta thing happening where the character is making a movie.”

Brigsby Bear arrives in limited release on July 28.