Sony Plans To Make ‘Robotech’ Your Next Big ’80s-Nostalgia Film Franchise

Are you finally getting to the end of your rope with the Transformers movie franchise? Looking for a new giant CGI robot fix? Well, good news everybody! Sony has snapped up the rights to ’80s classic Robotech, and is planning to make it into their next big film franchise.

Robotech first hit American TV screens in 1985 and provided many kids with their first tantalizing taste of anime (or Japanimation as we somewhat crudely called it back then). Robotech was actually three different Japanese giant mech cartoons edited together, so it never made much sense, but roughly speaking the show was about humans piloting giant mechs to repel a series of alien invasions.

Hollywood has been trying to turn Robotech into a movie franchise for some time. For years Warner Bros. had the rights to the series, with Tobey Maguire and Akiva Goldsman attached as producers. At one point it was rumored Leonardo DiCaprio may star in Warner Bros’ version of Robotech.

Eventually Warner Bros. let the Robotech rights lapse and Sony snapped them up. The new movie will be produced by Gianni Nunnari and Mark Canton (300, The Immortals) and written by Michael Gordon (300, GI Joe) so, well, you know what we’re getting into here. Sony is said to be pretty enthused about Robotech, so this time is seems likely the movie will actually happen.

What do you think about the prospect of a Robotech movie? Do you have any fond childhood memories of the series aside from “I liked it when the big robots fought”?

Via Variety

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