‘Sound Of Music’ Actress Charmian Carr Passes Away At 73

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Actress and interior designer Charmian Carr, best known for her appearance in the classic The Sound of Music, has passed away at age 73

Few films have had the staying power as the 1965 musical drama The Sound of Music and Carr played a big role in that. Her performance of the song Sixteen Going On Seventeen is one of the most famous scenes from the movie, even being revisited on the show Mad Men of late.

Charmian Carr could have probably built a long career off of her performance as the eldest daughter in the film, Liesl, but instead opted to get married and work as an interior designer, where she worked with celebrities such as Michael Jackson, who went on to become a close, personal friend. The legacy of the film still lives on, with NBC even staging a live version of it recently to mixed results.

Carr was suffering from a rare form of dementia, her family explained, which led to her passing on Saturday, September 17th at her home in Los Angeles. She leaves behind her two children and two grandchildren, on top of all of the lives that she was able to touch through The Sound of Music. Former co-star Kym Karath took to Twitter to express her grief.

Out of the seven Von Trapp children from the movie, Carr is the first to have passed away.

(Via CNN)