‘Space Jam’ Is Getting A Mini Theatrical Re-Release To Prey On Your ’90s Nostalgia

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Warner Bros.

Space Jam was built to rake in a mountain of cash, but the warm fuzzy feelings generated by the Charles Barkley acting showcase have managed to stick around long after said cash was vacuumed up. As a result, moviegoers and intergalactic basketball scouts now have the chance to do their dance at the Space Jam. (Alright!)

The Associated Press reports that the Michael Jordan + Looney Tunes sports comedy has been earmarked to return to theaters next month for two nights only. Fathom Events and Warner Bros. have chosen November 13 and November 16 as the dates for the Tune Squad’s big screen return, although it’s one of those “select theaters” things, so you may have to go to your local indie moviehouse for your 20th anniversary Space Jam funzos if you’re not in a lucky city.

With the animated motion picture scoring major nostalgia points these days, it’s not unreasonable to think that the standard Space Jam 2 chatter might bubble up again. To be honest, we think it might be fun to see an all-female reboot of Space Jam just to see if angry MRA types have their heads explode in one big baffled pop. Of course, there are other Space Jam sequel options out there, Jordan casting advice be damned. Just keep Quad City DJ’s. That’s all we ask.

(Via Yahoo!/AP)

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