Watch This Behind-The-Scenes Look At The ‘Spectre’ Explosion That Set A Guinness World Record

In sequels, the unwritten rule is: Go bigger, or go home. For Sam Mendes’ second time helming the James Bond franchise, he helped create an explosive sequence so massive that it broke the Guinness World Record for largest stunt explosion ever.

In order to create the gigantic, fiery blast, the crew of Spectre used more than 2,223 gallons of fuel, and more than 72 pounds of explosives to incinerate a Moroccan set they had built. The 24th film in the James Bond series now holds the record for largest stunt explosion in history, with the honors of the title going to Chris Corbould as the film’s Special Effects and Miniature Effects Supervisor. That’s not the only record that Spectre has garnered, as it landed the second-biggest opening haul in franchise history, with $73 million in ticket sales. Go big indeed.

(via James Bond 007)