Watch The First Trailer For ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ Here

After a very short teaser for the trailer earlier in the week, Spider-Man: Homecoming graced our screens with a full trailer courtesy of the folks over at Jimmy Kimmel Live.

It’s a lot more than just some POV footage and some web wings. We get a taste of the mentor/student relationship between Tony Stark and Peter Parker, giving us a hint that we really are seeing that superhero coming of age tale. There’s also some of that John Hughes flavor tossed in there, with some of Peter’s high school friends making an appearance. This includes Zendaya who may or may not be playing Mary Jane in the film, something has the Stan Lee seal of approval.

Also, Michael Keaton looks like he’s ready to take Vulture to menacing territory, something I didn’t think was possible for an old bald man in green pajamas. It’s been over 50 years and Marvel Comics might finally have a very evil take on the character. We know there are a few other bad guys in there at the lower level, but the winged guy is apparently an Iron Man-level baddie according to Tony Stark. I don’t believe it myself, but this version definitely seems to have some teeth.

Kimmel kicked off the trailer announcement by having a running of the Spider-Men on Jimmy Kimmel Live and there was a ton of people involved. It was almost like the guy called in every Spider-Man panhandler from across the country in order to pull it off, tossing Tom Holland right in the middle.

All and all, the entire thing looks pretty great. The same could’ve been said about Amazing Spider-Man 2 before it hit theaters, though, so obviously wait until the movie is out.

(Via Jimmy Kimmel Live)