Sony Declares The ‘Door Is Closed’ On Teaming Back Up With Marvel For More ‘Spider-Man’

Last month, the news broke that Sony Pictures and Marvel Studious’ seemingly perilous professional agreement regarding the most recent Spider-Man films had come to an end. Specifically, the initial reports indicated that Marvel’s Kevin Feige would no longer be producing the Tom Holland-led franchise’s future films with Sony’s own executives. As time wore on and additional stories, confirmed and otherwise, came out, it became quite clear that Sony had no interest in collaborating with Marvel anymore. And while Holland himself appears to be okay with this, his fans are most assuredly not.

They’ve been railing against Sony for the studio’s alleged misbehavior in the matter (even though the studio legally owns the character’s film rights), which, in turn, has encouraged many, many others to chime in as well. Even so, as Sony Pictures chairman and CEO Tony Vinciquerra told Variety on Thursday, “for the moment the door is closed.” In other words, Holland’s once-MCU-bound superhero will no longer be a part of Marvel’s mammoth cinematic undertaking for the foreseeable future.

Vinciquerra admitted that, thanks to the fan backlash, he and everyone at Sony have had “an interesting couple of weeks.” That being said, he insisted that there’s “no ill will” between his camp any Marvel’s. The executive also reiterated his studio’s previous sentiment that Feige’s being “stretched incredibly thin” was a big part of why talks ultimately broke down. Which, to be fair, is probably true since Disney’s recent Fox acquisition gifted Feige and company with the Fantastic Four and X-Men titles (and all their associated characters and properties). They’re going to be quite busy.

(Via Variety)