A Certain Avenger Could Be The Key To Enlisting Spider-Man In ‘Captain America: Civil War’

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01.16.16 8 Comments


Another day, another rumor about Captain America: Civil War. As we count down the last few months until the next Marvel film is released, more and more speculation is bubbling up online about what fans can expect from the upcoming showdown between Cap and Iron Man. One of the biggest mysteries of the film is how Spider-Man ties in and where his allegiance lies, as the film will serve as Tom Holland’s first outing as the famed web slinger.

The extent of his role is still unknown, but /Film may have unearthed a possible rumor about how Peter Parker gets in the game. According to Geek.com, Tony Stark will be the one to recruit Parker (after keeping tabs on the superhuman teen for awhile). This isn’t particularly surprising, given the fact that it was hinted at that Parker was already on S.H.I.E.L.D’s radar in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. In this universe, Stark has been out as Iron Man for nearly a decade, so the appeal of working with his idol (and all his tech) will definitely be a huge draw for Parker. Whether or not Spider-Man will remain on Stark’s side remains to be seen. Spider-Man switches sides to join Team Cap in the source material, so it would make sense for the film to follow suit. Skinny kids from Brooklyn have to stick together, you know.

Still, nothing is certain until the film’s release, but don’t expect the rumor to slow down at all between now and then. Is it May 6th yet?

(Via /Film)

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