Spike Lee’s ‘Da Sweet Blood Of Jesus’ Premiered Yesterday On Vimeo VOD

Spike Lee has not had the best directorial track record lately with 2013’s failed Oldboy remake. He might be finding his way back, however, with his crowdfunded Da Sweet Blood of Jesus which was released on Vimeo VOD yesterday.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus isn’t set for a theatrical release until February 13, but the film will be available on Vimeo VOD a whole month before. In the past year, some films have opted for a VOD or Netflix streaming release at the same time as a theatrical release, but very few films have premiered on VOD before a theatrical release.

Supposedly, the film is about a curse that leaves a person with a thirst for blood, but it is not a “vampire” movie. Here is the official synopsis for the film:

Spike Lee’s new stylized thriller DA SWEET BLOOD OF JESUS is a new kind of love story. Dr. Hess Green (Stephen Tyrone Williams) becomes cursed by a mysterious ancient African artifact and is overwhelmed with a newfound thirst for blood. He however is not a vampire. Soon after his transformation he enters into a dangerous romance with Ganja Hightower (Zaraah Abrahams) that questions the very nature of love, addiction, sex, and status in our seemingly sophisticated society.

Da Sweet Blood of Jesus is now available on Vimeo VOD to rent for $9.99 or to own for $14.99.

Source: Vulture