Adam Nimoy’s Spock Documentary Has Reached Its Kickstarter Goal

Less than a month ago, Leonard Nimoy’s son, Adam, launched a Kickstarter for his project “For The Love of Spock,” a documentary that would explore both the creation of the character Spock and, after the passing of his father, a celebration of the actor’s work.

The project has reached its $600,000 goal with less than 24 hours to spare. This means post-production can begin on the film. It was conceived by Adam and his father last Thanksgiving to coincide with the 50th anniversary of Star Trek (September 8.) The movie will be narrated by Zachary Quinto and, thanks to the Kickstarter, will include new footage that would have previously been unavailable due to licensing issues.

There’s still time to contribute, if you’re interested, and a couple of new rewards levels have been unlocked towards their push goals.

(Via Variety)