Sports Anchor Drops (At Least) 23 ‘Star Wars’ References During Football Highlights

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12.21.15 2 Comments

Let this pretty fantastic sports highlights clip serve as a gentle reminder that you will never be able to escape the grasp of Star Wars. Everything you know and love has been marinated in its dorky juices in one way or another and that even includes the realm of sports.

13WMAZ sports anchor Wes Blankenship put his love for the franchise on display in his recap of the Atlanta Falcons’ 23-17 victory over Jacksonville in the Sunshine State. For his two minute highlight package of the game, Blankenship crammed a brainscrambling total of 23 Star Wars references into the proceedings. Here’s a pic of our pal Wes touting his plan and possibly threatening an enemy with a lightsaber.

The results were a thing of dorky beauty. Featuring an agreeably silly “Millennium Falcons Hyperdrive Past Jags” bit of text at the bottom of the screen to start, Blankenship nestled in as many Force-affiliated nods as possible. Heck, there were so many shout-outs that SB Nation compared notes with the anchor’s tally and claim that there’s at least 25 references plugged into the final product.

Here are some of the most glorious bits of NFL nerdery:

“Every defense he’s faced lately has been a starkiller.”

“Matt Ryan tries to Force a pass in there, it is tipped and picked by Paul Posluszny. He has one hand in a cast, so he intercepts it with just a Han Solo.”

“Devonta Freeman will take this toss and make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs. Ewoks, no, he dives into the end zone.”

We imagine the National Football League will review if Freeman’s ability to make the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs merits testing for PEDs. Here’s hoping Blankenship keeps the theme going next weekend and does Falcons/Panthers highlights with two dozen Joy references sewn into the proceedings.

(via SB Nation)

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