Premiere: SNST Performs And Fools Around At SXSW In The Video For ‘Phoenix 1986’

SNST is the newest project from Chris Broach, best known as being a founding member of influential indie rock band Braid, as well as a series of releases with The Firebird Band. The tracks that would eventually comprise SNST’s debut album Turn Out The Lights were originally written for The Firebird Band, but it wasn’t long before Broach realized that these tracks demanded a new name, and a new project. Thus, alongside longtime collaborator Steve Znavor, SNST was born. Turn Out The Lights was produced by Will Yip and released digitally earlier this year, and shows a completely new side to Broach’s songwriting, one that leans more toward the electronic realm than the guitar-driven tracks fans might be accustomed to.

With the album’s physical release set for a November 10th release, the band has shared a video for “Phoenix 1986,” shot during their trip to SXSW earlier this year and directed by John Isberg. The video combines clips of the band performing at the famed festival and convention, alongside shots of them messing around throughout Austin.

Describing the track, Broach said, “Phoenix, Arizona is oddly American in its feel, trapped in boredom by its own heat. 1986 is a year that’s emblematic of my youth. It could have been 1985 but that was the year the Bears won the Super Bowl. It could have been 1987 but that was the year my sister was born. In 1986, I was riding bikes through the neighborhood, not a care in the world, playing Nintendo, watching all the Cold War era movies like Red Dawn & Top Gun, just trying to be a kid.”

Check out the video above.

Turn Out The Lights is out physically November 10th on Rhyme & Reason. Pre-order it here.