Stan Lee Gives DC Comics A Hint At How They Can ‘Make A Hit With Critics’

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09.07.16 2 Comments

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Stan Lee made his final convention appearance in Canada a fairly memorable one. While attending Fan Expo Canada, a fan asked Lee how he thought “DC can make a hit with critics?” For many who went to see Suicide Squad, this might come off as a silly question. Sure, critics hated it and it was dogged by reports that the trailer company had cut the film together, but it’s still a success. Fans went to see it and enjoyed it, taking it out on Rotten Tomatoes in the process.

Lee managed to take the question and turn it into an offer to DC Comics, offering a four-word solution: “Let me write it.”

This continues Lee’s positive outlook toward Warner’s DC Comics films. Not to mention he already wrote his own slate of DC Comics back in the 2000s, creating his own version of Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman in a series of one-shot comics. Even better, those are not part of the bigger DC Universe thanks to all the multiverse meddling and Grant Morrison.

No Marvel Studios folks around to shut down Lee on this comment. They must not care as much when their films aren’t the ones being mentioned on stage.

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