Stanley Kubrick Meets Wes Anderson In This Fake Trailer For ‘The Grand Overlook Hotel’

There seems to be an ongoing desire for fans to create their own videos inspired by Wes Anderson‘s quirky directing style. Recently, we’ve seen what it would look like if the director were to helm an X-Men movie and we even explored the violence exhibited throughout his film catalog.

Now — thanks to YouTuber Steve Ramsden — there is a mashup that brings Wes Anderson’s The Grand Budapest Hotel and Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining together in a very worthwhile fake trailer aptly titled The Grand Overlook Hotel. You know, for someone who’s seen The Shining way too many times to remember, this video really succeeds at presenting the subject matter in a wonderful new light.

Not for nothing, but that Jack Torrance seems like he’d be an excellent care-taker.

(Via BirthMoviesDeath)