‘Star Wars’ Meets ‘Mario Kart’ Is The Coolest Damn Thing On Any Planet

Finally, humanity has created a mashup that changes everything. The internet’s game has to be raised after this. In all the years of fan-made content, and all of the mashups that have existed through the history of time, this is probably the best. It’s the most fantastic mashup since The Gray Album. It’s so good, calling Star Kart a mashup seems wrong. This is a shifter of tectonic plates. This is bigger and better than a moon. No, this is no moon… This is Star Kart, and it’s so amazing that it will likely start petitions to get Mario and his murderer’s row of cut-throat kart drivers out of their usual seats and into the cockpits of X-wings, TIE fighters, and whatever else Toad and his weird head can fit into.

The verisimilitude alone, the caring attention to detail — Dark Pixel clearly knows and loves Mario Kart and Star Wars deeply. I wouldn’t be surprised if this scene that takes us from Tatooine to the Death Star hasn’t been in their heads since they were chucking blue shells as kids. It’s just too refined and too perfect for any other explanation.

Nintendo and Disney need to start creating this game immediately.

(Via Kotaku)