Go Beyond ‘Star Trek Beyond’ With A Look At All The Nods To The Original Series

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It’s time to go Star Trek Bath & Beyond beyond Star Trek Beyond. And by “it’s time,” we mean vigilant geek media observer Mr. Sunday Movies has made a trivia-stuffed video on the subject and we’re in the mood to have an enthusiastic blab about it.

Star Trek Beyond has opened to some pretty warm reviews and solid box office, a result that’s managed to squash the early worries attached to talk of reshoots. Die-hard Trekkers/Trekkies were treated to tons of nods to the original series during this latest adventure and the bluffer’s guide assembled by Mr. Sunday Movies offers a comprehensive roundup of all the easter eggs, deleted scenes and other goodies marinated into the sci-fi spectacle. Heck, the details about the assorted ways Current Kirk (Chris Pine) pays homage to Classic Kirk (William Shatner) might even nudge non-fans into seeing the movie.

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