Simon Pegg Wants To Eat This Adorable Dog In The Latest ‘Star Trek’ Contest Video

If you were curious about the kind of new creatures we’re going to see in Star Trek Beyond once it finally hits theaters, the latest Be In Star Trek contest video doesn’t disappoint. Not only do we get the first winner of the contest, but we get a nice look at some of the props and aliens we’ll get to see.

Clearly Dr. Scholls is paying for this appearance in the film. It’s the only company that survived all that war to make it aboard the Enterprise to help our brave Starfleet officers with their sore feet. Thank you, Dr. Scholls.

We also got a nice look at the plethora of Vulcan ears they keep on set. I assume they either go through a lot during filming or there are going to be few more Vulcans or Romulans crawling around in this installment.

There’s also a futuristic tablet, clearly still only used to chat and surf YouTube. No other function needed, even in the future.

This new alien (I guess he’s new or maybe he’s from the animated series) makes an appearance, but who knows. I just know that Idris Elba lamented these kind of movies and there he was doing break dances and hanging out with the cast. You played Mandela!

And finally the dog. The last creature in the film and I assume the most delicious. That’s the only thing that explains Simon Pegg’s desire to eat the dog immediately after filming this small online ad for charity. You can’t deny it looks tasty, but all that hair would be a problem. There’s a reason Alf stuck to eating cats. Not as shaggy and they’re easily shaved if need be.

(Via Omaze)