‘Star Wars’ Fans Aren’t Sure What To Make Of The Latest Director Shakeup

A few years ago, everything was right with the behind-the-scenes build-up of the next generation of Star Wars movies. Back then, things were simple — JJ Abrams was sitting in a circle with the cast while dramatic black and white photos of the first script readings were shot, Episode VII was a massive success, and even the most jaded fans were happy to report that we didn’t have another prequel trilogy on their hands.

But extensive Rogue One reshoots, the firing of Phil Lord and Christopher Miller as the directors of the Han Solo spinoff movie, Mark Hamill’s supposed disagreement with the direction Episode VIII goes in, and now, the mutual parting of ways between Disney/Lucasfilm and Star Wars Episode IX writer/director Colin Trevorrow has fans wondering what’s up.

This news comes a month after Jack Thorne came in to rewrite Episode IX‘s script which was written by Trevorrow and his writing partner Derek Connolly. Disney released a statement saying: “our visions for the project differ,” which could mean Lucasfilm and Disney aren’t going to sit idly by as the final film in their latest trilogy potentially goes by the wayside in pre-production. Trevorrow wrote and directed Jurassic World, which was a hot mess of dinosaur stew, and maybe what he turned in, and seemingly dug-in on, simply wasn’t good enough for Disney’s flagship franchise.

Now, fans are concerned, bewildered, and a few of them are happy Trevorrow is out.Is there cause for concern? Will the next few Star Wars movies suck? Who is the replacement? My personal vote: Guillermo del Toro, but that’s just me.